Packages and Pricing

The more jobs you post - the more you save!

  • Advertise all of your available municipal jobs:

    Summer, co-op, internships, departmental positions, (i.e. building, public works, recreation, admin, long term care, etc.) and even your executive positions, in one convenient location for one low price.

  • No subscription fees:

    or extra fees to access candidate profiles, download CVs or contact our pool of municipal talent.

  • Featured Jobs - $200:

    Need to fill a position fast? Once you’ve selected the posting/package that best suits your needs, you can boost your high- priority job postings ensuring every candidate views your position.

  • Join the Sharing Economy:

    Share the annual unlimited postings package with lower tier or neighboring municipalities and pool your job posting purchases, so every size municipality saves.

Single Post

$49.95 - Best for smaller municipalities with fewer recruitment needs per year.

Standard Package

$1,995 - Provides for up to 50 job postings for up to a year at a savings of $10/post!

Unlimited One Year Package

$4,995 - Best value for municipalities with a greater number of recruitment needs per year!

Prices are shown without applicable taxes.