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Municipal succession planning is a priority need in Canada today. An estimated 51% of municipal employees will be retiring in the next 4 years, making recruiting tomorrow’s leaders a critical issue for municipalities. And right now, succession efforts are not keeping pace with the rapid changes in the municipal workforce.

One of the major reasons municipalities aren’t finding candidates fast enough is because of the outdated processes being used to find candidates and post jobs.

For instance, most municipalities are only able to post jobs in non-searchable PDF format, meaning candidates have to open and review each posting one at a time. And since there’s no platform that serves multiple municipalities at once, candidates must visit one website at a time to find a posting of interest.
This is extremely tedious and time-consuming for municipal job seekers.

And municipal employers tell us they aren’t able to easily find candidates because there’s no platform set up specifically to connect those looking and recruiting for municipal work.

So we created muniJOBS, a one-stop solution for municipal employment. It is Canada’s only 100% municipally focused online recruitment platform designed to simplify municipal job searching and recruitment.

Our goal is to have every municipal job in Canada listed and searchable on the muniJOBS website, to simplify job searches for candidates and recruitment efforts for employers.

How It Works

Candidates use the responsive, user-friendly interface to set up a profile, upload their resume, link to their social media profile, and more, so municipal employers can easily find them. Full-featured access is available for one low, up-front fee. Job postings on muniJOBS are made fully searchable, so candidates can search, find and apply to postings quickly and easily. Candidates can also set their preferences for automated notification when jobs matching their preferences are posted.

Municipalities can register with muniJOBS to access candidate search features, job posting, and tools designed to help save time in their recruitment efforts. They can reach out directly to candidates of interest, and keep track of applications and correspondence. Posting of student, co-op, internship opportunities and entry level jobs is included in their subscriptions. They can also post their professional and senior level positions in our Featured Jobs section, through one of our valued Partner Municipal Associations, for increased visibility provincially and nationally.

muniJOBS also works with partnering Municipal Associations to convert the pdf job postings they receive into our searchable format. Our partners are also showcased on muniJOBS to increase brand recognition with youth entering into municipal careers. These are just some of the many benefits offered by muniJOBS.

In today’s economy, we’re seeing disruptive innovation changing the way we do many things. We believe that muniJOBS is the tool that will change how municipal job searching is done, by making it easier to recruit for and find municipal work in Canada.

Join muniJOBS today to be part of this initiative, and the movement, to resolve municipal recruitment issues.

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Susan Shannon is the Founder & Principal of
muniJOBS is a division of muniSERV

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