Special Introductory Offer

Why is muniJOBS Different?

Here’s a sobering thought – 51% of municipal employees will be eligible for retirement by 2021!

The wave of early retirees in municipal government is contributing to the urgency to find and recruit new talent into the municipal sector.  We know recruitment has become a critical issue for municipalities and  you’re concerned about your ability to recruit tomorrow’s leaders.

We learned from municipalities that;

  • Posting jobs and recruitment services are expensive and often not all that effective
  • There’s no way to gauge your return on investment for the cost of job postings
  • Using external job boards to find municipal candidates is a waste of time because there’s no municipal focus and unqualified talent is applying for municipal jobs
  • There’s no place to search for just municipal talent

muniJOBS was developed for municipalities, by municipalities to address these issues. It is Canada’s only online recruitment and career platform with a 100% municipal focus, that lets you cost-effectively post all your available jobs for broader, national exposure – PLUS search for, and recruit municipal talent all in one location!

3 Simple Steps to Join
1. Register for free, as a Municipal Employer.
2. Post your jobs into our unique searchable template so Candidates can find them.
3. Pick the payment package that works best for your municipality.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Save time searching for and recruiting Candidates – we work with colleges & universities to populate the database for you
  • Save money on your job postings. The most you’ll pay even for executive positions is just $49.95/post
  • Your job posting is seen by both our pool of Candidates and hundreds of current municipal employees whose profiles may not be public, but who browse your jobs
  • More visibility for your municipality – Candidates learn about your municipality and find all your available jobs in one location
  • No need to buy an applicant tracking system, but if you already have one, muniJOBS easily links to yours

Join this Initiative Today!
During the month of August, we are looking for one municipality in each province to participate in a one-month free trial of muniJOBS, so you can experience first-hand how muniJOBS simplifies municipal recruitment and saves you save time and money!

As a special introductory offer, in addition to your free job posting, during your free trial, we’ll also set up your employer profile and post all your available jobs for you for the month.  

Hurry – Sign up today for the free trial and start simplifying your recruitment efforts!

Make muniJOBS part of your succession-planning strategy to attract and recruit the next generation of leaders. You can also contact us at support@munijobs.ca or 855.477.5095 to schedule a demo of muniJOBS if you’d like to learn more first.