Municipal Revenue Starts with Property Assessment: IMA Members Make that Happen

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The Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA) is the largest Canadian professional association representing members that practice in the field of property assessment and related property taxation functions. Through education programs, the IMA grants accredited designations to its members. Our members are highly qualified and widely recognized as the leading professionals in the property assessment industry. The IMA enjoys membership from professionals practicing in provinces right across Canada.

The IMA incorporated in 1957 and is protected by provincial legislation, The Institute of Municipal Assessors Act which took place through private member’s bills Pr63 in 1987 and Pr50 in 1993. It provides for the following objectives:

To promote generally the interests, education and efficiency of persons engaged in assessing real property for the purpose of municipal taxation and in connection therewith:

• to establish the qualifications for and conditions of registration for members
• to establish a curriculum and courses of study to be pursued by students and members and the subjects upon which students and members of the Institute shall be examined and for granting certificates to students and candidates who have successfully passed the examinations
• to sponsor and maintain courses of training in municipal assessment leading to the grant of diplomas by a college or university
• to assemble and distribute information and to provide opportunities for discussion
• foster good public relations
• to regulate and govern the conduct of members of the Institute in the practice of their business, vocation or profession, by prescribing a code of ethics, rules of professional conduct and standards of practice, and by providing for the suspension, expulsion or other penalty for professional misconduct, incapacity or incompetence

For the municipal tax rate to be applied by each municipality, allowing property taxes to be levied, it first starts by delivery of the property assessment roll to the municipality. This work is performed by municipal assessors. Where a review or appeal is requested, representatives work with their clients, the property owner, in this regard. Municipal assessors are employed by assessment agencies, municipalities, private corporations as well as individual property owners. Many of these assessment professionals are trained and meet the continuing professional development requirements of the IMA. The IMA has a well-rounded membership body from various stakeholder groups.

The IMA has an entry-level designation (A.I.M.A.) and senior accreditation (M.I.M.A.). Members of the general public can take courses for general interest and education. Property assessment candidates and professionals join the IMA, receive a member discount on courses (in addition to other member benefits) and enter into the accreditation program to complete their A.I.M.A. designation following one year of assessment-related job experience as well as the course requirements. All IMA accreditation courses are online, where the student registers and begins the course based on their schedule, completes it within a generous amount of time through success in lesson quizzes, a mid-term open-book assignment and a final exam. Students are supported by a subject-matter specialist who responds to content questions on the course.

The IMA also has a job board of positions submitted by employers specifically for property assessment and taxation professionals. Check out today to learn more!

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