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  • A: If you’re like most job seekers looking to start a career in municipal government, you will have noticed searching and finding available municipal jobs is not an easy task. muniJOBS simplifies your municipal job search. It’s your one-stop direct access to municipal employers.

    muniJOBS is Canada’s only online municipal job platform where candidates can search, find and apply for municipal jobs, and be found by municipal employers, all in one convenient location.

  • A: We make it easy for you.

    Start by setting up your profile or linking to your social media profile. Be sure to make your profile robust. Go ahead - it’s okay to brag a little about your skills and accomplishments – and it’s the information municipal employers need to make recruitment decisions!

    Set search criteria for the jobs that would interest you most, and we’ll notify you on your smart phone when a matching job description gets posted.

    When a job of interest comes up, you can apply directly to the municipality who posted the job from your laptop or mobile device.

    You can also set up application tracking, create job interest short lists, and much more.

  • A: It’s easy. You only need to register once, and your profile remains on the site until you remove


    Click here to register

  • A: Yes.  You will be directed to our fully secure payment service (Stripe). Some educational institutions may cover the cost of registration for their public administration students so don’t forget to ask, if this applies to you.

  • A: Your profile picture should be 118 pixels by 118 pixels.
  • A: You must enter a valid address including postal code and province for the interactive Google Map to work properly.


  • A:  muniJOBS saves you time and money searching for candidates to fill your municipal jobs.
  • A:  Subscribed municipalities have access to a single-source pool of municipal talent in one convenient location.  You can contact Candidates directly and send relevant jobs to those Candidates of interest to you.

  • A:  muniJOBS is Canada’s only 100% municipally focused job posting and recruitment site.  This saves you time because it weeds out Candidates who are not interested in municipal work.

  • A: Yes.  Municipalities can post their executive, summer, co-op, technical and skilled trades jobs directly into our searchable template, or, just send them to us (, and we'll post them for you.

    For additional visibility for your job posting, you can also Feature jobs to appear on the homepage and at the top of search lists.

  • A:  Most job sites leave postings in non-searchable PDF format, making job-hunting slow and cumbersome.  Job postings on muniJOBS are made fully searchable so Candidates can search, find and apply to your job posting quickly and easily.  
  • A:  Yes. We know that a resume is only part of what goes into assessing job Candidates; knowing their soft skills is important too.  With muniJOBS, you can view Candidate engagement history to assess drive, commitment and communication skills before you get to the interview.

  • A:  Municipalities need to be registered as Employers before they can access the Candidates on muniJOBS.  Once registered, you can set your search criteria to easily sort through Candidate profiles. When you find Candidates of interest to you, simply contact them through muniJOBS.

  • A:  Yes.  You will be directed to our payment services. You can then choose to use Stripe or PayPal , where you can then pay by credit card in a secure, encrypted manner.  

*Note: It is the responsibility of the person/municipality using the site to conduct their own normal due diligence analysis of the Candidates on the site. Self-governance and ethical use of the site is expected to occur, but if a municipality finds a Candidate has not represented themselves in a professional manner, muniJOBS would like to know about it and the profile of the Candidate may be removed from the site. Please email any concerns about specific Candidates to

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