3 Ways to Get Noticed by Municipal Employers


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

And, in 2019 your online presence often makes that first impression for you.

The purpose of your muniJOBS profile is to offer municipal employers an insight into your experience and personality to determine if they want to take that next step and invite you to an interview.

We want to help you make that great first impression so here’s some quick tips.

 The Importance of Usernames

You may not be aware it’s your username that appears when municipalities use the Browse Candidates function on muniJOBS to find your profile.  So, it’s extremely important that you create a professional username, (i.e. your actual name or first initial, last name, etc.).

If you were not aware of this and you would like to fix the username you’ve already created, please contact support@munijobs.ca or simply use the chat option on the site to request our assistance.

Don’t forget too, you have the opportunity to upload your professional photo, which also appears in municipal searches.  Use it if you want to stand out more!

 Empty Profiles

An empty profile doesn’t demand a second look.  But one filled with information generates interest and return visits.

Consider this from your perspective as municipal job seeker.  Are you more likely to apply to a position with an employer who took the time to fill out their profile (like the example above), and teach you about themselves, or from an employer with an empty profile and no information about the municipality at all?

A good double-check is to ask yourself, “Would I submit what I have in my muniJOBS profile to a municipality if I were responding to a job posting?  Is there enough information in it to compel municipal decision-makers to contact me for an interview?”

If the answer is no, log into your dashboard today and use our tools to add your picture, education, experience, CV and even a video if you have one! Stand out in the crowd and make the best first impression you can!
Don’t let your empty profile damage your online presence and keep you from getting the job you want!





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